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About Us

Don’t change your learning just change a way of learning with AITS

Academy of IT Software Training Institute is the right plaƞorm to prepare student for the job market. We have qualified and experienced faculty members who actively take part in the training program AITSTI has created a quality management team. THE responsibility of the team is to maintain standard of quality of our course and research about new methods and make sure that they teach the student the recent technologies in the best way possible. THE QM team provides training of new faculties. We create short term courses for first time users, to advanced, high teach offerings for IT professionals looking at re- skilling or upgrading their knowledge. We also provide free practice sessions during the course.
AITS training has also tied up with leading educational institution across the globe, to bridge the gap between the formal and non – formal learning environments.

Your benefit if you stay with us?

Our institution has a friendly atmosphere. If you are confused about your future, we will do free counselling with you. Along with education you will get free internship arrangement. Being associated with various ruler development projects. And finally, you will be happy.

Our Vision of children

To reduce children's over-reading pressure. We want to create a place where boys and girls can talk openly. Where there is no pressure, they will learn something. Be it playing sports under the open sky or telling the story of Tintin or Feluda with everyone in a room. Or sing or dance with bare voice, make some paper designs. Or maybe the story of saving animals, birds on the street. And stories of first aid. etc, the rest you will also give us your ideas/doctrine. To inculcate discipline and values among students.

Our Vision of youth

AITS Training Institute follows a vision of empowering people through education. To active academic excellence through innovative learning practices. To instill self confidence among rural students by supplementing with co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.

Introduction to "Academy of IT Software Training Institute"

Hello everyone,

I am Suman Makar, the founder of "Academy of IT Software Training Institute." When I started this initiative, I observed a prevailing uncertainty among today's youth regarding finding suitable employment opportunities. Many of them struggle to secure jobs even after completing their education. I realized that the root cause behind this is not the lack of skills but rather the inability to utilize them effectively.

Despite acquiring technical skills, many individuals fail to apply them practically or adapt to the changing dynamics of the job market. They lack the necessary guidance and exposure to understand the industry's requirements properly. As a result, a significant portion of our youth remains unemployed or underemployed.

Our aim at the Academy of IT Software Training Institute is not just to provide technical knowledge but also to instill the right mindset and professional attitude required to excel in today's competitive job market. We believe in empowering our students with practical skills and industry insights so that they can confidently navigate their career paths.

We envision a future where every graduate from our institute emerges as a confident and skilled professional, ready to contribute meaningfully to the workforce. To achieve this vision, we are committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to all our students, whether they pursue full-time or part-time employment opportunities.

We extend our invitation to all aspiring individuals, college students, and working professionals who seek to enhance their skills and advance their careers. We welcome you to join us on this journey towards personal and professional growth.

Best regards,
Suman Makar
Director (AITS Training Institute)